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My areas of expertise; dugong, dolphins, sharks, fish identification in the region of the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea, coral reefs, sea turtles, seagrasses, and mangroves.

I worked as a Senior Environmental Researcher in the Red Sea Protectorates for 16 years until I enrolled in the technical office of the minister of environment.

Professional membership as Reef Check EcoDiver Trainer, PADI Master Instructor, IUCN SSC Sirenian Group, REEF Conservation Partner, and CoralWatch Instructor.

I completed the Executive Presidential Leadership Program (EPLP). I am the Executive Director of the EcoPro Training Center for Marine Conservation.

I'm the leader of the Egyptian Dugong Team (EDT).

My Study

I completed my PhD in Ecology and Behaviour of Dugong in 2019, and two MSc in 2007 and 2015 on the Behaviour of Spinner Dolphins in The Egyptian Red Sea. In 2003, I completed the Premaster in Marine Ecology and graduated from Faculty of Science, Marine Science in 2001, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt.



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Marine Eco Expedition: August 1-8, 2024

Rocky, Zabargad, Daedalus & Elphinstone


One-week diving safari on the boat Emperor Elite on August 1-8, 2024. Free daily classes for marine biology topics and certificate of participation with a statement of 20 hours of credit. Price includes shared cabin, 7 nights onboard. 6 days diving, local transfers, guide, 12-liter tanks, weights, full board & soft drinks, environmental tax, Marine Park fees, and port departure fees. Free Nitrox. Four marine programs are included.

Marsa Alam - Marsa Alam

August 1-8, 18:00 - 09:30


EcoDiver Course

International course (www.reefcheck.org) to identify reef check key indicators of fish, invertebrates, and substrates to assess coral reef health by collecting data for coral reef management and conservation.

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