Shark Ecology Diploma

Shark Ecology


Duration: 30 Hours

Location: Shark Expedition on Liveaboard


The diploma consists of the following courses:

  • PADI AWARE Shark Conservation.

  • PADI Whale Shark Awareness.

  • Oceanic Whitetip Shark Awareness.
  • Sustainable diving practice with sharks.
  • Shark monitoring program for the Red Sea: Ecology and sustainable use.

  • Underwater laser photogrammetry techniques.

  • Photo identification for oceanic whitetip shark.

  • Shark questionnaire survey (UNEP/ CMS).

  • Shark Fishing Violations.

  • Case studies in the Egyptian Red Sea.
  • International shark attack file.
  • Stranding response on a shore.
  • Data entry and Analysis.
  • Reporting the shark expedition.


Shark surveys every dive on the eco expedition to collect all the available data for shark occurrence, abundance residency, and diving activities.

Diploma Structure and Contents

Knowledge will conducted online and field work training will conducted on Liveaboard Expeditions

PADI AWARE Shark Conservation 

Sharks in Peril and why we should care.

Managing threats and recognising values.

Taking action and joining the Project AWARE movement

Oceanic Whitetip Shark

Shark biology, behaviour, and distribution.

Importance of research and monitoring for protection.

IUCN conservation status and sighting records in Egypt.

Monitoring Program for the Red Sea

Understand the standarized manual for shark ecology in the Red Sea. Improve practice skill for collecting the data while encountring shark underwater. 

Photo ID for Oceanic Whitetip Shark

Preparation of suitable photos for matching.

Matching process to identify the different individuals.

Breifing on how to create a catalog for and read the data.

Shark Fishing Violations

Discuss reporting of previous violations for shark fishing in the Egyptian Red Sea including the biggest violation of fishing 70 sharks, with highlighting the enforcement efforts.

International Shark Attack File

Shark attack victim (surface/ diving). Attack site. Weather conditions. Sea conditions. Sea environment. The shark. The attack sequence. First aid. Treatment.  Sketch injuries

Data Entry and Analysis

Encountering a live shark underwater. Photo editing and measuring. Morphological measurements for sharks. Photo ID catalog. Creat fiqures and table for a conclusion.

PADI Whale Shark Awareness

Whale shark biology, behaviour, and distribution.

Importance of research and monitoring for protection

Photo identification techniques for different individuals.


Sustainable Shark Diving Practice

Code of conduct for diving with sharks.

Workshop training for many skills when diving with sharks..

Training dives for sustainable practicing skills with sharks.

Underwater Laser Photogrammetry

Laser unit: structure, importance, and usage.

Practicing underwater to capture a suitable encounter.

Using ImageJ software to measure the shark total length.

Shark Questionnaire Survey

Understand the standardized form by UNEB/ CMS.

Understand the different categories of questions. 

Simulation training for interview surveys.

Case studies in the Red Sea, Egypt

The first study in 2008 in the southern diving sites.

The second study was on Elphinstone Reef in 2016.

Photo ID studies on the Oceanic Whitetip Shark.

Stranding Response on a Shore

Introduction to stranding events  Causes of stranding. Stranding standard report. Rescue team. Steps for quick response. Simulation for training on a stranding on a shore.

Reporting Shark Expedition

Work effort for the teamwork.

Prepare the results with a conclusion.

Writing the final report including maps, figures, and tables.


Join our next shark expedition for one week diving safari on November 10-17, 2022 to

Daedalus Reef, Fury and Elphinstone Reef


Other Integrated




Duration 15-45 Hours


Duration 2 - 10 Hours


Duration one Hour