PADI Sea Turtle Awareness

PADI Sea Turtle Awareness

Duration: 5 Hours


Understanding the role of sea turtles in the marine ecosystem and conservation issues. Improve the skills for sighting records and identifying turtles underwater. The Sea Turtle Distinctive Specialty course introduces divers and snorkellers to basic sea turtle identifi cation and conservation.

The goals of AWARE Sea Turtle Awareness course training are:

  • To familiarise students with the role of Project AWARE in preserving the aquatic environment.
  • To introduce sea turtle species common in temperate or tropical waters.
  • To provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to identify turtles and record sightings.
  • To inform students about sea turtle population decline,
    the importance of sea turtles to marine biodiversity, and what they can do to prevent further decline.


Two SCUBA dives OR snorkel dives (two more hours), including the following skills:

  • Hover motionless for at least one minute.
  • Assess site for possible sea turtle sighting areas, observe habitat for hazards and responsibly clean up rubbish where encountered.
  • If turtles are seen feeding, record the food source and turtle species - including diagrams of any unfamiliar
    turtles species.

  • Locate and identify sea turtles, noting the number, sex, behaviour, injuries, tags, or any other significant information.

  • Record sightings on a slate, including diagrams and descriptions of any unfamiliar sea turtle species.
    Prepare data for reporting.


  • Role of PADI in preserving the Marine environment.
  • Why are divers and snorkellers natural ambassadors for the aquatic environment?
  • Origin of mermaid legend.
  • What are the dixerent threats axecting the dugongs' population?
  • Understanding the aquatic ecosystem.
  • What role do sea turtles play in the marine ecosystem?
  • What are the seven sea turtle species and their habitats?
  • Status of marine turtles under CMS, CITES, and IUCN.
  • What issues are related to population decline?
  • Explain the key characteristics of common sea turtles found in your area.
  • 1Explain the recommended method for identifying a mystery turtle.
  • Explain how to properly record observations.
  • Explain responsible dive and snorkel practices when observing sea turtles.
  • How can divers promote sea turtle conservation?
  • How can divers promote sea turtle conservation when watching turtles on land?
  • What should I do if I come across a tagged turtle?
  • Workshop Training on Sea Turtle Behaviours and Photo Identification Technique.
  • Final Exam.

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