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Marine conservation issues require qualified personnel with skills in marine ecology and surveys for the different marine ecosystems. We offer online and fieldwork training to get data that use in conservation planning. Lead the way!

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Marine Wildlife Authorities, Diving Centers, Non-Governmental Organization, Marine Science Department in the Universities,

and Tourism Resorts Industry.


Over 60 online courses

Marine biology courses for adults from the beginner to the professional levels. Special programs for kids and juniors are offered. PADI Diving courses are available.


Our Instructor

Dr. Ahmed Shawky, Marine Biologist (Ph.D.)

PADI Diving Master Instructor #639747

Reef Check Trainer #38

REEF Conservation Partner #61301.

Training Categories



The duration is 15 - 45 hours

Total of 10 fields like Reef Check EcoDiver, PADI Marine Biology, Coral Survey Methods, Shark Ecology, Marine Mammal Observer (MMO), and Project Planning & Fundraising.



The duration is 2 - 10 hours

Total of 48 fields like Discover Reef Check,  Monitoring of Sea Turtles in Nesting Ground, PADI Dugong Conservation, PADI AWARE Shark Conservation, and PADI UW Naturalist..



The duration is one hour.

Total of eight fields like REEF Fish Watching, Coral Watching, Marine Ecotourism, Sea Turtle Watching, Dugong Watching, Dolphin Watching, and PADI Discover SCUBA Diving.

Upcoming Events



Marine Eco Expedition to South & St. Johns


One-week diving safari on the boat Emperor Echo between 9th and 16th June 2022. Free daily classes for marine conservation topics and certificate of participation with a statement of 20 hours credit. Price includes shared cabin, 7 nights onboard. 6 days diving, local transfers, guide, 12-liter tanks, weights, full board & soft drinks, environmental tax, Marine Park fees, and port departure fees. Free Nitrox. See More.

Marsa Alam - Red Sea

June 09-16 & July 14-21, 18:00 - 10.00

REEF Great Annual Fish Count


Two events, first on July 14-21 via liveaboard for a one-week diving safari, and second on July 21-25, in Dream Lagoon Resort, Marsa Alam. Divers and snorkelers can attend to learn about the marine environment and participate in the REEF Fish Survey. FREE Fish ID classes and other activities like a field trip to Wadi El Gemal National Park and boat diving are available.

Marsa Alam - Red Sea

JuLY 14-25, 12:00 - 10.00

Upcoming Courses


Online sessions can be run in English and Arabic at two different times each week to accommodate different time zones



PADI Marine Biology

Introduce those who are interested in the marine environment, whether divers, snorkelers, and others to the basic science of marine biology. The diploma structure consists of four parts; ocean environment, marine organisms, marine ecosystems, and marine biodiversity, threats, and marine conservation.


May 05-25, 2022. In English: 5:30 - 8:00 PM, and in Arabic: 8:30 - 11:00 PM (GMT+2).



Reef Check EcoDiver

Improve the knowledge of sea turtles in nesting grounds. Introduce the participants to practice the different survey methods to monitor the different aspects of sea turtles in the nesting ground like assessing the number of sea turtles visiting the site, nests, sea turtles morphological measurements, eggs, and hatches.


May 26 - June 2, 2022. In English: 5:30 - 7:00 PM, and in Arabic: 7:30 - 9:00 PM (GMT+2).


Our participants during the fieldwork training and surveys. Join us and take photos.

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