Dr. Ahmed Shawky

PhD Marine Biologist

I completed a Doctor of Philosophy degree (2018) in ecological behaviour of dugong and two masters in ecology and behaviour of spinner dolphins (2007 and 2015) on the Egyptian Red Sea. I worked as Environmental Researcher in the Red Sea Protectorates.

I'm Diving Master Instructor PADI #639747 and teaching different specialty courses for the marine environment, Recently, I submitted four new PADI distinctive specialties on dugong conservation, marine biology, marine survey, and coral reefs monitoring survey courses that were approved to teach.

I'm Reef Check Trainer #38 for the coral reef survey. I'm REEF member #61301 and a conservation partner in IORS Region No. 61301.

I've completed the Presidential Leadership Program for Cadres (Executive PLP). Now am the Executive Manager of EcoPro Training Center for Marine Conservation.


The first project that I enrolled in was on the spinner dolphin conservation in 2006 under the supervision of Red Sea Protectorates, Marsa Alam, Egypt, and the Italian Cooperation. Shark ecology was my second project that was funded by Project AWARE Europe, in the southern diving sites, the Egyptian Red Sea. Three projects for dugong that were funded by Rufford Foundation were conducted on the Egyptian Red Sea between 2015 and 2106. Indeed the climate change events, new projects are planning to conduct several topics on oceanic whitetip sharks, dugong, spinner dolphins,  coral bleaching, and reef fishes.




Areas of Expertise

Dugong:  Evidence of the occurrence of large dugong in the Red Sea, status of the Red Sea dugongs, photo identification in Marsa Alam and Wadi El-Gemal National Park, and stranding of a neonatal dugong calf.

Dolphins: Behaviour of Spinner Dolphins in Sha'ab Samadai in Marsa Alam, estimation of the abundance of the spinner dolphins using photo identification, and effect of the swim- with-dolphin tourism on the behaviour of spinner dolphin in Samadai Reef.

Sharks: Human impacts on the presence of sharks at diving sites of the Southern Red Sea, Egypt, and photo identification of the oceanic whitetip shark in Elphinstone Reef, Marsa Alam.

Coral Reef: Using the methodology of Reef Check and CoraWatch. Other survey methods for monitoring the coral reef ecology are performed.

Reef Fishes: REEF conservation partner for the IORS region (the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea). Updating the database for the diving and snorkeling sites in the Egyptian Red Sea.

  • Occurrence of a large dugong

  • Status of the Red Sea dugongs

  • Photo identification of dugongs

  • Behaviour of Spinner Dolphins

  • Estimation abundance of Spinner Dolphin using photo-ID

  • Effect of swim-with-dolphin tourism on the behaviour of spinner dolphins

  • Human impacts on the presence of sharks at diving sites

  • Photo identification of oceanic whitetip shark in Elphinstone

PADI Diving

Instructor Rating


Coral Reefs Monitoring Survey


Marine Biology, Marine Survey,

CoralWatch Coral Health Chart

2010 - 2019

Whale Shark, Dugong, Shark,

Sea Turtle, EFRIT, Master, Boat, Drift, UW Navigation 

2008 - 2009

Marine Resource Management,

Digital UW Photography, Deep, Fish ID, Nitrox, Emergency O2, UW Naturalist, Equipment, DPV, Night, Search&Recovery, Wreck

Environmental  Projects


Spinner Dolphin Conservation


Shark Ecology

2015 - 2016 - 2017

Dugong Ecology & Behviour


2003 - 2004


Sindbad Submarine | Hurghada

2004 - 2005

Environmental Researcher

Red Sea Protectorates | Hurghada

2005 - 2013

Environmental Researcher

Red Sea Protectorates | Marsa Alam

2013 - 2018

Environmental Researcher

Red Sea Protectorates | Wadi El-Gemal

2018 - 2022

Environmental Researcher

Technical Office of the Minister of Environment | Cairo

2018 - 2022


Sirenia Specialist Group | IUCN

2020 - 2022

Executive Manager

EcoPro Training Center | Ismailia